Florine Imo is an Austria based artist, currently working and finishing her final year at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.  Florine’s paintings evolve around her figures, which she sees as part of herself, but also as independent characters, experiencing all aspects of life; the good, bad, and ugly. The Artist works on both canvas and paper, using mainly acrylics and oil colors. Imo’s paintings fluctuate between various self portraits, euphoric party scenes, playful depictions of distinct aspects of femininity, mysterious smiles andidillic picnics. Her work creates a universe where these complex characters grow, fight, play, and work together. Florine’s paintings speak in a language of intense colors, while contrasting between surfaces and controlled chaos.

« I like to reel the viewer in….bright colors, noisy patterns, at first seemingly perfect looking figures, and often a paradise-like setting. These paintings often play with the viewers jugement of different aspects of femininity. I paint the female form as a whole, making my girls strong, yet carrying a known simultaneous sense of fragility. Often times, they let out an energetic « creepy smile », but they couldn’t care less about what you think of them. These figures are both ugly and beautiful; taking the viewer for a ride with their animalisticfeatures. Nowadays, my paintings focus on the relationships between figures and theaspects of their complex character. Some paintings are allowed to be pleasant, however, others tend to propel a deep sense of mysterious intensity. The universe that I have created lives through my figures, never sticking with one overall mood or surrounding, while always exploring new and various forms of spirit embodiment. My paintings portray serenity, strength, the bond between women, chase of perfection, and the jugement that comes along with it.like to create works that aren’t too obvious and can be overshadowed by colors, patterns and perfect skin. Sometimes, I like to paint girls going about their day, not being aware or giving a shit if you watch them ».