Bloom is a contemporary art gallery – residency with a special focus on a new generation of artists from Europe and Africa. The first Bloom gallery was opened in Geneva, Switzerland in 2021. The success of which leading to a subsequent flagship gallery opening in Saint Tropez in 2022.

Bloom gallery proudly represents a wealth of contemporary artists from London, Vienna, Istanbul, Paris but also from Africa and America. The gallery introduces contemporary young artists to a worldwide client base and broadens perceptions, understanding and appreciation of these engaging contemporary works. The gallery is dedicated to using their expertise to nurture and develop the careers of new artists among which are Florine Imo, Yuma Radné, Ebru Duruman, Sam King. Having established a reputation as a leading gallery in the african contemporary art – working with established African artists such as Turiya Magadlela and Saint Etienne Yeanzi, the gallery presents also the big names on the African scene who already enjoy institutional recognition.

Bloom carefully selects artists whose practice is built on our core values of social consciousness and engagement through visual expression. As well as maintaining a rich gallery program of art exhibitions and events, Bloom is also a residency and a creative space for artists from all over the world who come to Saint Tropez with new artistic approaches to create in an inspiring space.