Bloom is a contemporary art gallery founded in Geneva, Switzerland by Cedrik Pages and Benjamin Noel Vandenberghe in 2021. The gallery is located in the heart of Geneva’s historical old town and is surrounded by well-established art institutions such as the Barbier-Mueller Museum. Geneva has historically served as a global intellectual center, a meeting place for international non-governmental organizations, scientists, academics, civil society and the private sector to work together to envision solutions to the challenges facing humanity. Bloom’s dedication to artists engaging ambitiously with universal socio-political themes enriches this dialogue.

Throughout history, art has always stood on the frontlines to react against oppression, violence, injustice, and inequalities. By challenging conventions, boundaries, and hierarchies imposed by those in power, art makes space for the marginalized to be seen and heard and propels social change. Art has become a powerful language to speak against forms of repression and inequity regarding gender, race or class.

Bloom carefully selects artists whose practice build on our core values of social consciousness and engagement through visual expression. In addition to maintaining a gallery program, Bloom is also actively involved in raising funds for charities that underline social causes highlighted by our exhibitions.